Tainan VegetarianRestaurant‧TianXinYan
  • TianXinYan Vegetarian Restaurant is nestled in Tainan and has been running business for 30 years. The restaurant serves all kinds of vegetarian banquets, buffet, catering, cocktail party and exquisite meal set. The restaurant comes up with new dishes constantly and insists on following SOP procedure. There are over 100 dishes served in the restaurant daily, and there is spacious parking lots provided for customers.
  • European Buffet

    The restaurant possesses comfortable surroundings and thoughtful service. There are tons of different dishes served daily. Each of the dish is cooked by experienced chef.
  • CNY Combo Dishes

    The restaurant is in charge of different kinds of services, including wedding banquet, cocktail party, CNY combo dishes, lunchboxes and etc. The restaurant runs 24/7.
  • Spacious and Bright Restaurant

    The restaurant is spacious and bright. Customers can savor wonderful food in relaxing surroundings.
  • 100 Different Dishes

    European buffest has over 100 vegetarian dishes. There are salad, quick-fried dishes, pasta, Japanese food, hot pot, dessert, and local delicacies.
  • Large Banquet Hall

    The restaurant has the capacity of over a hundred of people. The banquet hall has great illumination equipment and fine ambiance. What’s more, the restaurant provides customized service.
  • Contour of Restaurant

    The restaurant has opened for over 30 years in Tainan. it provides savory vegetarian food, great service, spacious surroundings. Customers will have a blast dinning in the restaurant.
  • Information

    【Opening hours】1130-1400/ 1730-2100
    *All the dishes in the restaurant add no artificial flavors. The restaurant concerns about the customers’ health.
    *The restaurant provides over 100 dishes daily and each season has different theme.
    *There are dishes include salad, quick-fried dishes, pasta, Japanese food, hot pot, dessert, ice cream, coffee, beverage,
     appetizer and etc.

    *European Buffet
    *Cocktail party
    *Private party

     European Buffet(10% of service fee will be charged)
    *Adult: 360NTD
    *Kid: 199NTD(100cm-140cm)
    *Banquet: 4000NTD-8000NTD/ per table

    【Parking information】
     The parking lots is valid for customers.

    【GPS】E120.186299/ N22.982785

    【Traffic information】
     Tainan train station- turn left to Sec. 2 Ximen Rd.- straight ahead to Sec. 1 Ximen Rd.- turn right to Sec. 2 Jankung Rd.- tuen
      right at Sec. 1, Zhonghua W. Rd.

    【Chinese Version】台南素食吃到飽餐廳‧天心岩

    Address: No.312, Sec. 1, Zhonghua W. Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:06-2923161